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Vision Statement


Our vision for the Sarcoxie School District will be to provide a safe school climate.

   ● A safe emotional climate: Where dignity is important and protected, self-worth vital, children are recognized and elevated, and kindness is modeled.

   ● A safe physical climate: Where rules are used to protect the innocent, supervision is present, and students are prepared for disasters.

   ● Responsible citizenship is encouraged and rewarded. ACADEMICS Sarcoxie School District’s one common goal has been to prepare students to be ready to take their productive place in society.

   ● The Sarcoxie School District prepares students for a technological future.

   ● Our curriculum reflects the needs of our community, and challenges students to achieve to their full academic potential.

   ● Students’ academic achievement is rewarded and encouraged by teachers and parents.

   ● Sarcoxie school district will incorporate community, political, and economic values.

   ● Objective means are used to chart academic progress.


Community Partnership

We envision our school as a place where the community is the partner in education. 9

   ● A place where they are informed of students activities and classroom success.

   ● Family involvement is the key to educational success.

   ● Family ethical and moral foundations are stressed.

   ● Parents are partners in the education of their children.


Parent Goals

We envision our school as a place where the parents are partners in education.

   ● The parents will communicate with the school personnel to ensure school success to the greatest extent possible.

   ● The parents will communicate with their child concerning school work and activities to reinforce learning.

   ● The parents will communicate with their child the importance of proper rest and nutrition to allow success during the school day.


Professional Development

We envision our school as a place where teachers are directed, motivated, and successful. 

   ● Teachers are trained professionals.

   ● Teachers’ energies are channeled and focused.

   ● Teachers cooperate and share to improve the school.

   ● Teachers update their skills and knowledge of current technology. 

   ● Teachers’ efforts are appreciated and recognized.

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